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Monday, October 31, 2016


Guru Payari Sadh Sangat ji
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki fateh ji!
Given bellow are links to Audio Book - Sakhi: Bandhi Choor from
Audio Book of Baba Naudh Singh by Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji :
Please listen to them in complete solitude, with your family, away from all distractions with LOVE for your Guru. All in one Go. I wanted to share this beautiful sakhi on Bandhi choor divas. So that instead of spending lot’s of money on outward rituals, we the Sikhs, listen to these beautiful sakhis, which creates Love for our Guru.
You Tube Link:
Sakhi: Bandhi Choor starts after one hour in this video and continues in audio book 17 at 6 minutes.
Dhan Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji
Please look for more audio books of Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh ji and Prof. Puran Singh ji on a new website(all the audio books in one place) , available soon. Look for a link to this website on : y soon.
Given bellow are links to of Audio Book- Bhai Madho Ji by Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji". This isbeautiful Sakhi of a Puratan Gur Sikh during the times of Guru Hargobind Rai Ji. This story is about the Love & respect, the Puratan Sikhs had for their fellow Sikhs in olden (Puratan) times -. How the Sikhs treated other Sikhs This is a beautiful eye opening - emotional true story, narrated by Bhai Sahib Bhai veer singh ji:
audio book Link: d/0B32dTHnEpspST3MyUFUta3hhX1k /view?usp=drivesdk
Pdf Book link: d/0B2onBWMr6eeDdV9QQzNLVDBLazg /view?usp=sharing
Given bellow are links to of Audio Book( In 5 Parts / Links) Pyare Da Pyara Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji"
Please listen to them in complete solitude away from all distractions with LOVE for your Guru. All in one Go:
Watch "001 Audio Book Pyare Da Pyara Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji" on YouTube: gOHVLU
Watch "002 Audio Book Pyare Da Pyara Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji" on YouTube:
Watch "003 Audio Book Pyare Da Pyara Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji" on YouTube:
Watch "004 Audio Book Pyare Da Pyara Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji" on YouTube: eM01ig
Watch "005 Audio Book Pyare Da Pyara Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji" on YouTube: _nDcG0

The writings of Bhai Sahib Bhai Veer Singhji are Anubhavi Gyan (knowledge) = knowledge through inner and higher aatmic experience.
It is not intellectual knowledge or the bookish knowledge or the knowledge through mind power.
There are some people like me who talk about gurbani or spirituality through their knowledge gained through reading or listening. But there some very few who have had the higher experiences of wisdom through mediation/Simran.
Like someone talking about electricity by reading books and the other actually getting an electric shock!!!
Pdf books of Bhai Sahib Bhai Veer Singhji: p?q=f&f=%2FBhai+Veer+Singh+Ji
A lot of work has been done to create audio books of these writings.But there is a lot more to be done.
There are hundreds of UN-published works of bhai Sahib Bhai Veer Singh ji & Prof. Puran Singh ji are gaining dust at Khalsa Tract Society
Can you find someone with the following qualities for the seva of making audio books of the bellow mentioned Sakhi books for children:
1. A loving person, who can do nishkam seva for these audio books.
2. A person who has a good command, over Gurmukhi.
3. Has a great voice
4. Can read stories to children in an interesting way. Using totly style of a child, where ever there is a child role in the sakhi.
5. Someone who has the time, a strong will & commitment to do this seva.
Please use your connections here in North America or and in India to find veer / bhans for this seva:
Gur Balam Sakhian (Guru Gobind Singh Ji)-Bhai Vir Singh English-children
Gur Balam Sakhian (Guru Nanak Dev Ji)-Bhai Vir Singh English-children
Gur Balam Sakhian Guru Gobind Singh Ji--Bhai Vir Singh Punjabi-children
Gur Balam Sakhian(Guru Nanak Dev Ji)-Bhai Vir Singh Punjabi-children
Navin Paneeri (Part 3)-Bhai Vir Singh Children English
Navin Paneeri Guru Angad Dev (English)--Bhai Vir Singh
Navin Paneeri Guru Angad Dev-Bhai Vir Singh Children Punjabi
Navin Paneeri Guru Gobind Singh Ji (Part 1 English)-Bhai Vir Singh Children
Navin Paneeri Guru Gobind Singh Ji (Part 1)--Bhai Vir Singh Children Punjabi
Navin Paneeri Guru Nanak Dev Ji (Part 1 English)-Bhai Vir Singh Children
Pdf books of Prof. Puran Singh ji: p?q=f&f=/Professor%20Puran%20S ingh
Some more Audio Books:
Sacha Sant Bhai Sahib Bhai Veer Singh Ji :
Avtar Katha 1:
Avtar Katha 2:
Avtar Katha 3:
Udasi: 3HDY
Kohrhi Udhaar: mMbmc
Gurbani Di Thandak: S54HoI
Bhai Maalo Te Maanga: OK0n4
Ekaant: LkKlw
Bhumia Chor: a_Y
Gaya, Dev Giri, Rajauli & Malda: 64G0
Bhogi & Jogi: MQ1U
Bhai Suja, Jogi Nal Gallan: xkXrI
Why Ardas, Why Simran: ppAmR4
Exemplary Sant, Ardas, Life Changer: hxm3GQo
Parupkari Sant, Sajjan Thug: oKvw
Sikhan Da Sant 1: 8
Sikhan Da Sant 2: Y
Bhai Mansukh in Lanka: rVGCk
Raje Kol, Pandit Nu Updesh: tucuh0
Paadri Naal 1,2: Lbc
Paadri Naal 3,4: tIY
Sant Bhola Singh, Satsang: p-vZTMI
Soma Shah: k9mk
Satsang, Dukh Kiven Sahiye: UoviOQ
Sikhi Jiwan: dUz8M
Letter of Vir Patravali: 7UKZV7Cl0
001 Sacha Sauda Sri Guru Nanak Chamatkar book Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji: cg?list=PLDAxlLeE4un3uXpm0Xq1C CJgTdxduppfP
019 Gosht Mia Mitha Sri Guru Nanak Chamatkar book Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji: 2Y
Search other parts of Sri Guru Nanak Chamatkar book Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji in Utube search bar.
001 Hemkunt to Sachkhand Sri Kalgidhar Chamatkar Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji:
002 Sachkhand to Mat Lok Sri Kalgidhar Chamatkar Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji:
Book Gurmukh Sikhiya Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji Part 1:
Book Baba Naudh Singh Ji by Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji is a complete straightforward path to spirituality.
Audio Talks of Gurmukh Payarae Bauji: ultimedia/BV/NBV1/ ultimedia/BV/NBV2/ ultimedia/BV/NBV3/ ultimedia/BV/NBV4/ ultimedia/BV/NBV5/
Gurbani Vichar Lekhs(small booklets) in Punjabi: un/
Gurbani Vichar Lekhs(small booklets) in English: ng/ ultimedia/
Communion with the Divine - Chapter 1 Intro - A Book By Raghbir Singh 'Bir':
001 Audio Book Bandgi Nama - Raghbir Singh Bir - Sikh, Gurbani:
002 Audio Book Bandgi Nama - Raghbir Singh Bir - Sangat, Ardas:
003 Audio Book Bandgi Nama - Raghbir Singh Bir - Simran:
004 Audio Book Bandgi Nama - Raghbir Singh Bir - Gian, Sidak, Haumai:
005 Audio Book Bandgi Nama - Raghbir Singh Bir - Nirmanta, Tiag, Karaamaat, Samaadh, Joti Jot:
006 Audio Book Bandgi Nama - Raghbir Singh Bir - Aape Aap, Ardaas, Paap, Bimaari, Saoo Di Poochal,:
007 Audio Book Bandgi Nama Raghbir Singh Bir Sache Shanke, Waheguru Kirpa, Guru, Khurak, PART A .:
008 Audio Book Bandgi Nama - Raghbir Singh Bir - Gurmukh, Bhana, Susti Te Kahli, Rishte, Jaanana Te:
Looking forward to find some sevadars for creating audio more books.
Charan Dhoor
*Please send us names and email addresses of your friends and relatives, whom you think should be added to this list.
Those who would like to unsubscribe from this list should send back an e-mail with "unsubscribe" on the subject.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


bOxy bUty
(The Dwarf Trees)

muhrlIAW g`lW

       “nO” dy ArQ hn g`sk-ikrq Xw koml aunr[
       (1)       “nO” nwtk iek pRkwr dw fRwmw Xw nwtk hY jo jwpwn ivc iek bqwivAW nwl dsy gey Anyk nwzw, AdwvW dI bxI sihqXk nKrIlI rs-ikrq hY, ijhVI 1352 eIsvIN dy smyN QIN jwpwnI idl QIN Pu`t Pu`t inklnI AwrMB hoeI sI[ sdXw ivc ieh nwtkI aunr Awpxy bqwivAW dy kmwl nUM phuMcw, ies ivc ikDry ikDry gwauxw qy bwkI sb bqwivAW nwl Kyl Kyly jWdy hn[ ies dI kivqw suPny dy rMgW ivc rMgI hoeI Tos mwdI scW QIN auprwm ho Awpxy ‘mn mOj dy AsrW’ ivc iek suMdrqw pYdw krdI hY, ijhVI rUh nUM jw hlUxdI hY[ iek suQk nwzk imzwjI dy cwnx nwl kivqw KyfdI hY, ijs ivc bqwivAW nwl hI ibnW iksI ‘sInrI’ dy iek pUrw nwtk ho inbVdI hY, ibnW ‘nO-nwtk’ dy ‘Ax hoeI’ ijhI rUh, cuBvIN, suQk, nrm, koml aunrI qIKxqw nUM AnuBv krdy ieh ikhw jWdw hY ik jwpwnI idl dI pUrI smJ nhIN Aw skdI[
       (2) ‘bwvxy bUty’ nwmI ivKXwq ‘no nwtk’ ‘ey.AYc. swkweI’ mYNbr ieMfo jwpwnIz AYsosIeySn, toikXo’ ny AMgryzI ivc aulbw kIqw jyhVw ik iek AmrIkw dI AKbwr ivc pRkwsq hoXw[ muV ieMfo jwpwnIz AysosIeySn dy rswlw nMbr 36, 1926 ivc CipAw, ijQoN mYN pMjwbI dy ipAwirAW leI aulbw kIqw hY[
       (3) kuC sQwnI hwlwq ilKx ibnW purI smJ AwauxI Swied kTn hovy, so hyT ilKo not phly pVH ley jwx qW Swied pwT qy smJxw suKwlw ho jwvy[
       (a) koqsukw jwpwn dw iek sUbw hY Ar ijs jmwny dw ieh ik`sw hY, aus vkq ieh swbU, ‘Sogn’ srdwrW dy rwj ivc sI, ShnSwh jwpwn ipRqmw mwqr sI, pUijXw qW jWdw sI, pr rwjsI mwmilAW ivc koeI dKl nhIN sI, qy vKry vKry sUby ‘SOgn’ srdwr AwpxI AwpxI QW m`lI bYTy sn, qy Coty Coty jwgIrdwr ienHW dy v&wdwr h`Q b`Dy gulwm sn[ gulwmI ivc iek KUbsUrqI qy idlI cw sI[ Awpxy ‘SOgn’ srdwr leI jwn dy dyxw iek bVw Drm qy iezq dw kMm sI, qy SOgn rwijAW dy ierd igrd pUrbI dySW dy rwj drbwr dy pUry rMg, Ar Swn Ar AmIrI TwT bMnH ky rhMdy sn[ koeI jwgIrdwr mUMh lgy huMdy sn, koeI Aqwb ivc Awid[ cuglI, eIrKw, dÍoK Awid keI qrHW qy au~pdRv dy kwrn huMdy sn[ pUrbI drbwrW dy gux AOgx sB sn[
       (4) ‘kwmwkurw’ iek smuMdr dy iknwry rmxIk AsQwn hY, ijQy A`j k`l ivc buDdyv jI dw bRwnzu (iek pRkwr dI hsq Dwq) dw bu`q ieMnW v`fw sQwpq sI, ijsdy AMgUTy dy nONh auqy AwdmI Awsn jmwky suKYn bYT skdw sI, suixAW hY ik ipCly BUkYp ivc auh bu`q smuMdr ivc fu`b igAw hY[
       ‘kwmwkurw’ aus jmwny ivc keI sUibAW dI rwjDwnI sI Ar iek ‘SOgn’ mhwrwjw rwj krdw sI[
mhwrwjw sweIimau jI ieh ‘ShnSwh’ v`loN kwmwkurw dy mhwrwjw dy mhwrwjw sI, AQvw khx mwqR leI vweIsrwey sI, pr hr qrHW KudmuKqwr sI[
       (5)       ‘nO-nwtk’ ivc ‘bu`Dmq’ dy bKSy au~cy jIvn dI sdw Jlk huMdI hY[ ‘imstr nOgujI’, ijsny iek poQI ‘jwpwnIj kivqw dw q`q’ nwmI AMgryzI ivc ilKI hY Ar vlYq-lMdn ivc imstr ‘mrdy’ ny AwpxI ‘ivzfm AwP eIst sIrIz’ ivc pRkwSq kIqI hY, ny iek pUrw ADXwX ies qrHW dy nwtk qy ilKXw hY Ar aus ivc Awp iehdw hwl ieauN dyNdy hn :-
“Asl ivc ienHW lgBg 300 nO nwtkW ivc koeI AYsw nwtk nhIN hY, ijs ivc iek bu`D mq dw iBKU styj au~pr n AWdw hovy, qy ijsdI idvX qwkqW dvwrw iksI svwxI, AQvw ispwhI, Xw iksI Pu`l, Xw iksI bUty dy AsrIrI hoey rUh nUM inrvwn dw rwh d`sky auhdI bMd Klws n kIqI geI hovy[”
*      *      *
       “ies swihqX nUM augmidAW aumrW l`gIAW, eyh ‘bu`D mq’ dy PkIrW dIAW rcnW hn[”
       (6) bwkI ijsdI ‘sInrI’ nUM Awpxy mn ivc AnuBv krn leI pMjwbIAW dy qs`vr nUM bhuq Kycl nhIN krnI pvygI[ pMjwbI pwly qy TMF dI sKqI dy jwxUM hn[ smW isAwl dw hY, brP pY rhI hY Ar sKq kwql TMF hY[
       (7)       qy “bwvny bUty” jwpwn ivc Awm ipAwr nwl pwly hr suhxy Gr ivc huMdy hn, ‘idaudwr’ dy 30, 30 swl dy bUty inry Cy, Cy ieMc aucy huMdy hn, cIVH QIN ‘cYrI’ (glws) Awidk vI, iesI qrHW ipAwr nwl pwly jWdy hn[ ieh ‘pwlqU pXwry’ huMdy hn, jwpwn ivc Awm ku`qy Awid hYvwn (Pets) pwlqU pXwry nhIN huMdy[
       (8) ies nwtk ivc Pu`lW bUitAW dw auh Akh ‘pXwr’ hY jyhVw Xw kwlI dws dy nwtkW ivc hY Xw rwxw sUrq isMG jI dy krqw jI dI rcnwvW ‘myrIAW guldwaUdIAW’, ‘koloN dy g`l l`gI vyl’ Awid kivqwvW ivc id`s AwauNdw hY[
ApRYl, 1927 pUrn isMG

AYkt (nwtk) pihlw
       JwkI - ‘koqsukw-mulk jwpwn’ Kyl krn vwly bMdy-
       (1) ‘Swno’ grIb ho cu`kw jgIrdwr (ieh dI jgIrW duSmnW dIAW duglIAW Ar kUVIAW hIlybwzIAW krky mhwrwjw ny Koh leIAW sn)
       (2)   Swno dI Gr vwlI[
       (3)   ‘hOjo qokI XorI’ iek bu`D mq dw iBKU[
  brP pY rhI hY, qy Awpxy mkwn ivc Swno dI vhutI Ak`lI bYTI hY[ ‘Swno’ ikDry bwhr igAw hoXw hY[
    ‘smW b`s SwmW hox vwlIAW hn’ auqw gIq dI gUMj’ AwauNdI hY[ (bhuq swry iek`Ty gwauNdy suxINdy hn)
       ‘gIq-rlvw gOx-(kors)’
       Aw irhw Eh pqw nhIN ikQUM?
       jw irhw Eh pqw nhIN ikQy?
       rwh dI Kbr n mMjl ienhUM kdm kdm muswPr jw irhw hY[
iBKU : sdw dw muswPr
       buD dyv dw cylw :- 
iSnwno mulk QIN Aw irhw hW[ bVI brP pYNdI Es dyS mry, ‘kwmwkurw’ nUM muV jw irhw hW[ bsMq qk itkW Shr kwmw kurw mYN, brP jd ipKlsI, ndIAW muV dys qurngIAW, mYN Xwqrw auT clWgw, sdw dw muswPr, sPr Amuk myrw[
       (muV kors ivc gIq dI gUMj) :-
       Aiq TMFw mulk ‘iSnwno, ijQy prbq Aswmw A`g qy DUAW auCwl irhw hY AsmwnW nUM EQUM cilAw DwqR qy ‘EeIXwmW’ dw prbq pwr kIqw sU[ ‘EeIXwmw’ prbq qy TMFIAW hvwvW muswPrW dIAW lmkdIAW bwhvW ivc vVdIAW, TMFIAW PUkW mwrdIAW, hfIAW qk kVkWdIAW[ muV lQw vwdI dy grW ivc ijhdw nwm hY ‘qomo no soqy’ ‘imqRW dw igrW’[ ieh PkIr ivcwrw by Gr byswmwn sI, iPr Es kVI GwtI qy cVHXw, ijhVw nwm ‘ivrhw dI GwtI’ hY, qy ijQy Eh mOj mwxdy hn, ijnHW Gr bwhr sb qXwg kIqw hY, iPr AwXw ‘EsUeI gwvw’ ArQwq ‘brP dw drXw’ ijhVw ieauN soBdw, Drq qy vgdw, kwlI DwrI vgdI ijvyN iek boDI PkIr dI kwlI kmlI, qy ‘eIqwhwn’ ‘qKiqAW dw rwh’ lMGky AwKr ‘Swno dI iksqI’ qy phuMcw qy pwr kr AwXw, hux jw irhw hY kwmwkurw nUM[
iBKU : hwey ikhI kwhilAW pw dyx krn vwlI gl hY, ieQy vI brP pYx lg peI hY, pr clo koeI bUhw TkorIXy, rYn bsyrw mqy lB jwvy[
          (Awpxy sMnXws vwly fMfy nwl Swno iksy dw bUhw Tkordw hY[
Swno dI svwxI - kOx hY?
iBKU -    iek sYlwnI PkIr, mMgy rYn bsyrw[
svwxI - jI AwieAW nUM[
          pr Gr dw mwlk Gr nhIN qy mYN k`ilAW nUM AMdr s`d nhIN skdI[
iBKU -    A`Cw mYN aufIkdw hW Awpdy bUhy bwhr bYTw hW[
svwxI-   mYN jrw Agyry jw mwlk dw rwh vyKw[
          (dUroN Swno Gr vl Aw irhw hY Aqy Awpxy Awp nUM kh irhw hY :-)
       AOh iks gzb dI brP pY rhI hY, jvwn AmIrjwdy ies TMF nUM BMgx dy sm`rQ hn, AsIN buFy Tyry mwVy ies KuSI QIN vWjy gey hW[ ikqwb ivc ikhw sohxw ilKXw hY, brP ieauN pYNdI hY ijvyN jMglI hMs dy KMB Prkdy hovx qy AwdmI iek kulMg vWgUM brP aupr jw irhw hY, brP qW Eho hY jd myrI jÍwnI qy AmIrI qy jgIrdwrI dy idnW ivc vrÍdI sI, pr hux mYN kulMg dy PMg ikQy gey ijhVy mYN PVkwauNdw huMdw sW?
       Pyr ‘gIq dw kors’ dI Awvwz AwauNdI hY :-
lMmkdIAW bwhW ivc morIAW qy kPW sb PtIAW, ieh TMF KUnI gzb, BwvyN iksI pws, hono nonoN dw kpVw ‘mIcI nokI’ pRWq dw bixAw vI hovy, As srdI Fk nhIN skdw hwey]
Swno-     hwey ieh qUPwnI idn ikMnW krVw hY?
          (hux swnUM AwpxI vhutI nUM drvwjy qy KVw dyK lYNdw hY qy khMdw hY :-)
          ies brP dy qUPwn ivc qUM ikauN bUhy dy bwhr KVI hYN?
svwxI- iek idvX mUrqI PkIr sweIN rwq leI iQr lukweI lovdy hn[ jd mYN ikhw ik Awp Gr nhIN ho qdoN dy Eh AwpdI aufIk ivc hn, qy mYN KVI Awpdw pMD inhwldI hW[
Swno-     qy Eh PkIr ik`Qy hY?
svwxI-   Eh dyKo pr KVy hn[
iBKU- kI Awp myry nwl bcn kr rhy ho? hwly SwmW pUrIAW peIAW nhIN, pr mYN bhuq Q`kw hW qy ies brP dy qUPwn ivc hux mYN A`gy jw nhIN skdw, mYnUM Awp A`j rwq leI Awsrw dyvo[
Swno- jI AwieAW nUM! pr AsIN bhuq grIb hW[ AsIN Awp nUM koeI suK rwq leI nhIN dy skdy, AsmrQ hW[
iBKU-     koeI gl nhIN, mYN iksI Kycl ibnW Awp dI C`f hyT rwq guzwrnw cwhuMdw hW[
Swno-   AsIN dovyN bVI KuSI nwl Awp nUM AMdr lY jweIey, pr ieh Gr swfy dohW leI vI pUrw Awsrw nhIN dy skdw[ Awp nUM koeI QW dyxw AsMBv hY[ ieQUM jy koeI Awp ku ‘koh’ vwt qusIN hor mwr lvo qd EQy ‘Xwmw moqo’ nwm ‘fwk Gr’ muswPrW leI hY[ EQy Awp nUM rwq dy guzwry leI QW qy suK imlygw[ CyqI CyqI kdm Dr auQy phuMco qy hnyrw hox qoN pihlw A`pV jwE[
iBKU-     kI Awp mYnUM auqwrw nhIN dy skdy? qd[
Swno-     swnMU bVw APsos hYY, pr AsIN AwpnUM AMdr lY jwx dy AsmrQ hW[
iBKU-     qd mYN ieQy ivXrQ aufIkW kIqIAW[ (auQUM auT turdw hY)
Swno dI vhutI- (Awpxy KwivMd nUM) hwey! byrhmI by qrsI! ieh BYVI hwlq swfI ipCly jnm dy krmW krky swfy pr AweI hoxI hY[ swnUM ies swDU nwl dXw BirXw vrqwrw krnw cwhIdw hYsI[ ijs qrHW AsIN jy ies AOkV ivc huMdy qy cwhuMdy swfy nwl koeI kry[ hy sweIN! iksI n iksI qrHW ies mhWpurK nUM rwq leI QW dyxw cwhIdw hY[ zrUr dyvo[
Swno-     qy qUM ieh gl ieauN phly hi ikauN nw khI? A`Cw hwloN brP iv`c bhuq dUr qW nhIN jw
sikAw hoxw, mYN jw ky EnUM moV ilAwauxw hW[ (jWdw hY qy swDU nUM bulwauNdw hY)
          ‘hy AiqQI Aw! AsIN qYnUM rwq leI rKWgy[’
       hwey! auh vrHdI brP qy qUPwn ivc myrI vwj sux nhIN skdw[ ibcwrw grIb PkIr! BwvyN auh jWdw rwh hI Bu`l jwvy[ BwvyN brP ivc hI rwqIN d`bXw jwvy hwey APsos! n auh Agy jw skygw n ipCy muV skygw, qy rwqIN brP ivc KVw KVw mr jweygw[ hW, auh KVw hY, nzrI Aw igAw qy AwpxIAW lmkdIAW coly dIAW bwhvW QIN brP JwV irhw hY qy auqoN brP CMfdw hY, vyKky mYnUM iek purwxw gIq Xwd Aw irhw hY:-
       ikhI SWq hY[
ikhI cup swnUM koeI n CyVdw, brP dw ic`tw GuMGt SwmW nUM leI bYTw hY, Swno dI pwr lMGwaux vwlI byVI iek sj ivAwhI vhutI[ ies QW ijhI nhIN hor koeI QW ijQy XwqrU Awx itkx qy brP pYNdI dw nzwrw dyKxw brP ieauN pY rhI hY, ijvyN koeI CMf irhw hY brP Awpxy kurqy dIAW lMmIAW bWh QIN[
ieh gIq Swno dI cwr lMGwaux vwlI byVI, jyhVI ‘mIvw gwsw kI’ qy cldI hY, vl dw hY, ij`QUM ikXUto nUM sVk jWdI hY[ gIq kors ivc-
ieh nzwrw Swm vyly brP pYx dw hY, ‘AwjUmw’ pRWq ivc ij`Qy ‘Swno’ dI pwr lMGwaux vwlI byVI pYNdI hY AwE PkIr SweIN jI!
(Pyr PkIr vl nUM q`kdy kMhdw hY:-) ies du`K Bry Gr ivc hI, rwq guzwr lvo, mqy brP ivc hI n guMm jwvo, Kqrw hY!!
       iBKU (vwps AwauNdw hY)
       ieh Gr iek myry jYsy PkIr leI bVI A`CI QW hY[ nw myrw Gr, n koeI swk, nw sMn hY,
‘sb myry sdw sMjogI rwm’ BwvyN ikno iKxk hI hox, iksy bUt hyT vI Awsrw imlxw-irsI ny ikhw hY-pUrbly krmW dy iksI iekrwr dI pUrxqw hY[ bUty hyT v`sdy mINh QIN bcw hY, pr quswfI ies svwgq ivc qW brP QIN slwmqI hY[
Swno-     (AwpxI vhutI vl)
svwxI! hux AsW AMdr s`d qW ilAw hY, pr swfy pws iehdI Kwqr leI koeI swmwn nhIN AsIN hux kI krIey?
svwxI- swfy pws iek ‘cIxw pwxI ivc aubwlky’ bxweI hoeI doDI hY, jy PkIr sweIN kbUl krn qW auh mYN hwzr kr skdI hW[
Swno-     A`Cw mYN aunHW pwsoN puCdw hW[
          (PkIr vl ho ky)
sqkwr Xog mhwqmw jI! AsW Awp nUM AMdr sd qW ilAw hY, pr swfy pws Awp nUM Kwx nUM dyx leI kuJ nhIN hY, swfy pws cIxw pwxI ivc aubwlky bxweI hoeI dODI hY, kho qW hwzr krW?
iBKU-     b`s myry leI auho bs hY, ikrpw krky auho mYnUM BKSo[
Swno-     (vhutI nUM) PkIr sweIN nUM swfI grIbI dw iKAwl nhIN qusIN auho dODI ienHW nUM dy dyvo[
svwxI-   sq bcn!
Swno-   suixAw hY ik purwxy vkqW ivc ‘cIxw’ inrw gIqW ivc gwXw jWdw huMdw sI qy kivqw ivc ilKXw jWdw sI, pr hux bwhzy ies nUM KWdy hn qy Awpxw inrBr krdy hn, kYNhdy hn ‘kwnqn’ (cIn) ivc iek vYrI ‘rojYeI’ nUM aUNG Aw geI sI, jd auhdy swhmxy cIxy dI doDI aubl rhI sI qy aus auNG ivc GVI dI GVI ivc aus grIb nUM 50 swl pUry dI AmIrI BogI sI[ kws ik mYN vI aus vWgUM auNGw qy Awpxy ipCilAW cMgy idnW dw suPnw muV vyKw-pr vyKo!!
       gIq kors ivc :-
ies kors ivc jd KUnI TMfI hvwvW idAwrw ivc dIAW sItIAW mwr rhIAW cl rhIAW hn, ieh qUPwn swrI rwq rhsI, hwey nINdr ikQy? jd nINdr hI nhIN sd suPny kd koeI vyKsI[
Swno- ijauN ijauN rwq pYNdI hY iqauN iqauN pwpw h`fW nUM kVkWdw hY, ienHW mhwqmw leI qW A`g zrUr bwlxI cwhIey[ hwey! pr lkVW nhIN, kI bwlIey? hW hW! Xwd AwXw, mYN Awpxy Pul gmly ilAwvW, ijMnW ivc ipAwr pwly bwvny bUty l`gy hn, A`j aunHW bUitAW nUM bwlIey!! Awpxy ipAwrw nUM PUkIey[
svwxI- hW hW, TIk! swfy gmly iqMn bwkI hn qy auh swfy bwvny bUty!! swfy ipAwrW lwf lfwey lwfly!!
Swno-   jd kdI myrw zor sI, mYN dUr dUroN sohxy Pu`l gmilAW ivc lgy bwvny bUty lY AwauNdw sW, pr jd grIbI AweI, swry imqRW nUM vMf id`qy, pr ieh qYR sb QIN kImqI nmUny rK ley sn iek, ‘AwlU buKwrw’ qy iek ‘imTw pdm’ qy iek ‘idAwr’ q vyKo auh s`jrI brP dy Bwr hyT swhmxy KVy hn, ieh myry ipAwr pwly bxy bUty hn, Aj rwq ies swDU dI syvw leI pXwrW dI A`g bwlIey!! Awp di Bytw Awpxy idl qy ijgr dw syk krIey!!
iBKU-   nWh nWh, ieh kdI nw krnw, Awp dI dXw myry idl nUM grm kr rhI hY[ qusIN Awpxy bUitAW dw KUn n kro, muV Awp Awpxy AYsÍrm nUM pRwpq krogy qy muV Awp Awpdy AmIr GVIAW dy sohxy svwd ieh hovngy, mYN Awp dI imMnq krdw hW, ienHW bUitAW dw KUn kdwicq nw kro, ieh Awpdy pXwr pI pI v`fy hoey hn[
Swno- mhwqmw jI! myrIAW zbq ho cukIAW jwgIrW qy irAwsqW dw muV mYnUM imlnw nwmumikn hY, kdI su`kIAW lkVw muV Pu`lIAW Xw PlIAW hn? grIbW dy pXwr ivc auh lwf murwdW ikQy? ieh bwvny bUty mhlw dy rhn vwly hn?
svwxI- (swDU vl) mhwrwj jI! Awp dI syvw ivc ienHW nUM lwxw ienHW nUM sPl krnw hY, swfy ieh hux ruldy bUty hn[
Swno-     ieh Awp dI DUxI dIAW lkVW hox, ieh kI ienHW nUM koeI Gt PKr dI gl hY[
svwxI- qy ies vyly jd brP dw quPwn ieqnI qyzI ivc AwXw hoieAw hY jy iek mMdr rUp r`b dy bMdy nUM ieh bUty Awp blky suK dy skx qW ies QIN vX hor kI jIvn dI sPlqw ho skdI hY?
Swno- pXwr pwly bUitAW nUM jwlnw iek ihmwlw dy irSI dI Kwqr jIhdI cotIAW qy sdw brP peI hY, auhnUM grmI phuMcwx leI iek pUrxqw hY[
svwxI- mYnUM qW ies gl dI iek KuSI hY[ suBwg hn bwvn bUty ijhVy auh kr skdy hn jo AsIN nhIN kr skdy[ BwvyN swfy idl dI cwrnw ikMnI qIbr hI ikauN n hovy[
Swno- TIk hY, iek rb dy pXwry leI ijsny dunIAW iqAwg r`KI hY, mYnUM bUty vwr dyxy ivc koeI AMdr Gwty dI Koh nhIN pY rhI[
gIq kors ivc!
       pr iPr vI jd aunHW dIAW in`kIAW twhxIAW QIN mYN brP CMfx lgw hW, myry idl nUM kuC huMdw hY mYN aunHW QIN ivCVnw nhIN cwhuMdw, ieh hux ‘AwlU buKwry’ dIAW sukIAW twhxIAW bsMq ivc sb QIN pihlW PutdIAW sn, hwly iksI hor bUty qy sgUPy nhIN sn AwauNdy qy ieh sgUiPAW nwl Br jWdIAW sn, BwvyN hwly brP ipGldI nhIN sI, Gr dy au~qr vl dI bwrI kol ieh sgUPy ienHW pr JUMmdy sn, qd mYnUM Acrj idsdw sI ik kI ikDry koeI AYsw AwdmI ho skdw hY ijhVw iek iksI kony ivc guly Kuly ‘AwlU-bUKwry’ dy bUty pwsoN ibnW drSn dy lMG jwvy[ auh bVy kTor icq purK huMdy hoxy hn ijhVy ieho ijhy sohxy Pul Bry bUitAW nUM ibnW lwf lfwey dy iksI AxghlI ivc ibnW gOly lMG jWdy hox[ aunHW dy idl r`b dy jIvn QIN zrUr sUMnX huMdy hn, pr hwey! A`j mYN Awpxy h`QIN ienHW nUM tukVy kr A`g leI bwln bnwx l`g hW[ kI kdI ieh koeI iKAwl vI kr skdw sI? hW! q`ko eys ‘pdm’ dy bUty vl! iesI swl jd ieh pdm (cOrI) dw bwvnw bUtw myrw kuC dyr nwl iKVXw qW mYnUM AMdr sdmw l`gw sI, hwey! myrw bUtw ikauN iksI rusyvyN ivc igAw hY? mYN mwqw Swied eynUM koeI AMdr pIVw hY, koeI n koeI gUJI duK dI gl hY, qy mYN bVw hI idlwsw idqw, bVI KbrdwrI kIqI, hux ieh myry QIN vI v`fw ho igAw hY, qy mYN AYnw grIb ho igAw hW, ik ies koml, ipAwry lwl Pul vwly bUty nUM A`g ivc s`utky ‘Ag dw lwl Pul bnwvWgw!’ hW! hwey Eey byidl ibDnW! hwey ieh sohxw myrw idAwr hwey hwey!!
gIq kors ivc-
              mYN ies idAwr dIAW
              thxIAW ieM\ sohxy 
              Jukw dy dy pwlIAW sn qy,
              iehdI CbI ikvyN sMvwr
              sMvwr k`FI sI qy mYN
              eynUM ro ro ipAwrdw sW ik
              jd muV mYN kdI AwpxI
              mhlIN dwKl hosW, ieh
              myrIAW A`KW dw suK
              myry swhmxy hosI!
       pr iksmq burI dI fwFI hvw qy myry vs kuC nhIN hW!!
ieh dXwr dw bUtw, ieauN swvw ijvyN dUr dw au~Tdw swvw DUMAW, ieh keI gIqW ivc ArwiDAw bUtw huxy bwlx bxsI[
       (PkIr vl mUMh kry au~cI boilAw) PkIr sWeIN jI, ieh hn tukVy myry idAwr dy! qy syko ieh A`g lwl sohxy, r`bI sohly! ies ivc idlW dI grmwieS hY, shnSwh slwmq dy ispwhI vI eynI grm A`g nhIN bwl skdy, AwE, PkIr sweIN jI! hor nyVy AwE, qy syko ieh sohxI lwl A`g! ieh iek gIq hY iksI fwFy duK dw rMg dw[
iB`KU- pqw nhIN kI hY? ieho jyhI sohxI grm A`g mYN jIvn Br kdI nhIN sykI, mYnUM hux pUrI grmwieS Aw geI hY, mYN suKI hW[
Swno-     AsIN vI in`Gy ho gey hW, ieh sb Awp dI ikrpw hY?
iB`KU-     kI mYN pu`C skdw hW ik Awp dw kI nwm hY?
Swno-     myrw koeI nwm nhIN hY, mYN bynwm bMdw hW[
iB`KU- qusIN Awm AwdmI qW nhIN jwpdy[ BwvyN qusIN kuC hI kho qusIN koeI v`fy lok ho[ mYN Awp dw nwm jwxnw cwhuMdw hW, mYnUM Awp dI shwieqw dI loV hY, ikrpw krky Awpxw nwm d`so?
Swno-   qW mYN nhIN CupwvWgw, mYN hW auh purwxw ‘Swno ignzw mon qsUnOxo’ ies nwm dy KMfrwq Awpdy swhmxy mYN ivc pey hn[
iB`KU-     A`Cw Awp auh hY! ieh iks qrHW hoXw ik ies duK ivc Aj kl idn bqIq kr rhy ho?
Swno- sb`b qW QoVw ijhw hY, myry vYrIAW qy hsd dI A`g ivc sVidAW duSmnW ny myyry irsqydwrW pwsoN myrIAW sb irAwsqW zbq krvw leIAW hn Ar mYnUM ies hwly phuMcw id`qw hY, mhwrwj! srkwr dw kuC ksUr nhIN, myry Awpxy krm hI AYsy hosn[
iB`KU-   Awp ‘kwmwkurw’ ikauN nhIN jWdy qy Awpxw swrw hwl ‘Sogn’ nUM kh suxwdy qy EsqoN ienswP mMgdy?
Swno-    ienHW g`lW nwl kI ho skdw hY jd ibDnw hI vYrI hovy, mhwrwj ‘sYimaUjI’ (Swhn-Swh dw vweIsrwey) hux A`j kl ‘Dwrmk’ Xwqrw au~pr igAw hoieAw hY, jy jMg dw Fol vjy, BwvyN mYN grIb qy kmzor, hW pr vyKo auh myrI qlvwr auh myrw GoVw KVw, jy kdI ‘kwmwkurw’ ivc ‘Sogn’ dI syvw leI myry jwx dI loV pvy qd mYN sb QIN phlW Awpxy bwdSwh slwmq dw gulwm hovWgw, ijhVw Awpxy KwndwnI inSwn qy nwm vwly cogy nUM pw ky, BwvyN Ptw hI hoieAw hY, qy ies Awpxy GoVy cVH ky, BwvyN il`sw hI hY qy id`sx ivc BYVw ijhw mrIXl t`tU hI id`sdw hY, Awpxy ‘Sogn’ dy ipAwr ivc vPwdwrI qy jwn inswrI leI drbwr ivc hwzr hovWgw, qy jy auh hukm krngy qW mYN jMg ivc jwky jUJ mrWgw[
       gIq kors ivc!
              hW mYN vYrIAW dy dlW nUM cIr jwvWgW,
              Gxy KVy dlW nUM pqlw krWgw
              qy lVdw lVdw mwlk dI Kwqr,
              sUrimAW dI mOq mrWgw-
              bs ieh iek cwhnw,
              myrI eyQy Gr ivc Bu`K, qRyh nwl
              pwmrW dI mOq n cwhvW mYN[
              myrI idl dI aumMg hY
              ik mwlk dy jMg dI mOq hovy mYnUM,
              bs ieh iek cwhnw myrI[
iB`KU- Awp Aws n qoVo, ihMmq bMnHo, r`b Blw krsI Brosw kro, jy mYN jINdw irhw mYN muV mqy AwvW, pr hux mYN jWdw hW[
Swno- kI Awp ny zrUrI jwxw hI hY, BwvyN pYhlW AsW Awp nUM AMdr ilAwaux QIN nWh kr id`qI sI pr hux swfI cwh hY ik qusIN hor Tihro, BwvyN ieh swfw Gr F`Tw if`gw hI hY qy Awsrw dyx jog nhIN[
iB`KU-     jy mYN Awp pws Aj rwq n rMhdw, mYnUM koeI hor QW nhIN sI[
svwxI-   iek rwq swfy pws hor Tihro[
iB`KU-     idl qW cwhuMdw hY Awp pws rhW, pr mYnUM hux rmqw hI bxnw soBdw hY[
Swno-     kI iPr Awp jw hI rhy ho?
iB`KU-     hW jIE swihb! hux ivdw vdYgI[
Swno qy auh dI svwxI- sRI mwn jI! Awpny iPr drSn zrUr dyxy[    
       gIq kors ivc[
              jy kdI Awp ‘kwmwkurw’ v`l kdI Awvo
              qd zrUr mYnUM imlxw,
              mYN hW inrmwx PkIr,
              rwjsI koeI qwkq nhIN,
              pr iPr vI mYN hW
              ‘kwmwkurw’ dy rYhx vwlw
              qy mYN Swied Awp leI
              rwjw nUM AwK vyK skW!
              mYnUM imlxw zrUr[
ieauN ieh bcn kr Eh iB`KU auQoN tur igAw qy Swno qy svwxI hYrwn sn ieh kOx sI, ikauN AwXw, ikauN igAw[

nwtk dUjw
SYhr kwmwkurw

       nwtk krn vwly :
       1.     mhwrwjw sYimaU jI[
(ijhdw nwm ‘hOjoqokIXogy’ vI sI[ ies nwm hyT Awp kdI kdI ByS bdl Drm Xwqrw mulk swry dI krdy sn)
       2.    (ShnSwn dw vwiesrwie)
       JwkI drbwr-
       mhwrwjw isMGwSn qy-
qy kdI drbwrI SsqR sihq s`nDb`D Aws pws zrk brk KVy, bwdSwhI TwT pUrw, pUrbI rMg rySm, gotw knwrI, qlvwr, Fwl qIr, qrkS Awid-
       gIq kors iv`c :-
              auey rwhI vy jWidAW,
              dsdw vy jwvIN vIrw :-
              kI ieh s`c g`l hY ik
              swry srdwr, jgIrdwr
              ‘kwmwkury’ ny bulwey hn-
              qy kI auh Awey hn?
              nzwrw ikhw AwlISwn hY?
Aj ‘kwmwkurw’ ivc Awey hn v`fy rwjy, qy Coty jwgIrdwr srdwr sb bulwey jmW ho Awey hn[ sohxy goty knwrI dy drbwrI kpVy sjwey zrk brk cmk rhy hn,
qy cWdI dy imAwn hn qy qlvwrW qy sony dw kMm sohxw jVqU, qy dsqIAW qy hIry jvwhrq jVy sohxy lwfly koqlW GoiVAW dw svwr Awey KVy hn, qy srdwr jwgIrdwrW qy cObdwr Agy ip`Cy GuMmdy hn[ iek bs srdwr AwieAw hY-
Swno-’qsUnyXo’ (ieh auho hY ijsny PkIr nUM bwvny bUty swV ky iskwey sn) Ak`lw, k`pVy P`ty qy tu`tw Pu`tw zrw-bkqr hY,
mrIXl ikhw GoVw Ehdw, iek inmwxw KuisXw srdwr hY-
       pr KwndwnI inSwn vwlw cogw lIrW lIrW hoieAw pwieAw hY[
       iek v `fy Grwny dI Swn dw igrnw vI ikhw SoBw dy irhw hY[ iksy pwsoN G`t auh idl vwlw nhIN[
v`fw idl, bIr purK, mhwqmw, pr grIb BwvyN, qy auhdI bydwg kul aus ivc cmkW mwr rhI hY, Awpxy au~jly Gr dI iezq ivc KVw grIb, pr sohxw bMdw, su`cw ienwn hY[
Swno- myrw Q`ikAw tu`tw GoVw ikM\ Awpxy ijsm nUM mroVdw hY, ienUM CyqI jwx leI AwKrI dm dy svwsw dI Gbrwht ho rhI hY[
gIq kors :
       jMgI Es qurMg nUM
       kr jo cu`kw kMm
       iq`Kw kueI n kr sky,
       nw cwbk nw cMm[
       hojo qokI-(vwiesrwie)
       (Awpxy drbwrIAW v`l)
       kI swfy vPwdwr sb Aw gey hn?
pihlw drbwrI-  jI hzUr[
hojo! jwau-dyKo ik aunHW ivc iek vfyrI aumr dw bhwdr ispwhI srdwr AYsw koeI hY ijs pws koeI cobdwr, Xw nOkr nhIN, Awp dw cogw PitAw hY, Ar Awp pws iek gYr mwmUlI lMmI qlvwr hY, Eh bVy mwVy ijhy pqly GOVy pr svwr ho Awey hn, auhnUM myry swhmxy hwzr kro[
pihlw drbwrI-  jI hzUr!
                 kI Purmwn hY?
                 (iek dUsry drbwrI v`l mUMh krky) suixAw hY srdwr dw hukm?
dUsrw drbwrI- srkwr! mYN hwzr hW[
pihlw drbwrI- srkwr! mYN hwzr hW[
pihlw drbwrI- auh srdwr jo bwhr Awey KVy hn, aunHW ivc iek Ak`l purwxw jogI bIr iek P`ty cogy vwlw Ar bVI lMmI qlvwr gwqry ivc pweI AwieAw hY, aunUM srkwr Xwd Prmw rhy hn[
dUsrw drbwrI- (SwnoN pws jw ky) buFy srdwr jI! hzUr nUM slwm phuMcy[
Swno-            kI Awp myry nwl gl kr rhy ho?
dUsrw drbwrI- jI hW, Awp CyqI AweIey, srkwr Xwd Prmw rhy hn[
Swno-            kI mYN mhwrwj dI hzUrI ivc s`dXw igAw hW?
dUsrw drbwrI- jI hzUr[
Swno-            iehdy kI ArQ hY? mYN qy mhwrwj dI hzUrI? Awp glqI kr rhy ho[
dUsrw drbwrI- nhIN, srkwr Awp nUM hI Xwd krdy hoxy hn[ mYnUM ieh d`isAw igAw hY ik srdwrW ivcoN iek inmwxw, Ak`lw, mwVy P`ty k`pVy pwey lMmI qlvwr vwlw srdwr jo hY, ausnUM bulwE[ so Awp hI ienHW inSwnIAW vwly ho, qW qy Awp hI ho, CyqI kro, srkwr dy hzUr clo[
Swno-            hW, mYN kI sux irhw hW?
                 swry iek`T ivcoN sb QIN grIb Pty purwxy kpiVAW vwly nUM Xwd kr rhy hn[
dUsrw drbwrI-   jI hW[
Swno-            qd mYN hI Swied hosw, A`Cw jnwb mYN Awp nwl cldw hW, clIey[
                 (Awpxy Awp nwl Swno ivcwrdw hY)
       Awh! smJ Aw geI, iksI myry nwl mKOl krn dI kIqI hY Xw iksI myrI bwbq ieh jw ikhw hY, ik mYN iek jwsUs hW Xw rwjnIqk nukqy QIN mwVw AwdmI hW, ijhVw ies jmGt ivc nhIN rihx dyxw cwhIdw[ mYN AwpxI grIbI hwlq QIN qW Srmswr hI hW, pr myrw id`sx ip`sx mwVw hoxy krky myry qy S`k kIqy jw rhy hn, pr mYN hukm bjw ilAWdw hW, ikauNik myry idl ivc fr au~kw nhIN, mYN kMm mwVw koeI nhIN kIqw[
gIq kors ivc :
              g`lW krdw mn dy nwly
              ‘Swno’ AMdr jWdw hY,
              drbwr hwl dy ipCy Agy
              swry nzr iPrWdw hY[
              kI vyKo ik Sogn mhwrwj
              cMn vWg hn cmk rhy[
              Agy ipCy qwirAW vWg
              Ahlkwr hn dmk rhy[
              Swno nUM q`k Pty k`pVIN
              dyK dyk muskWdy hn[
              nPrq Aqy hkwrq vwlI
              nzr audy qy pWdy hn[
Swno-   (A`gy ho ky) hzUr! mYN hwzr, KwndwnI nwm vwlw ilbws Eho drbwrI hzUr dw hY, PitAw hoieAw hY qy Esy ivc lpyitAw mYN hwzr hW[
kors gIq :-
              qy Swno dI lMmI qlvwr
              sdw mwlk leI jINdI dyvI ho
              ibjlI ilSk
              jMg dy b`dlW ivc
              cmkx vwlI ijMd hY[
              Swno dw sr is`Dw au~cw
              bIr rs ivc JUmdw hzUr dw hY,
              BwvyN aumr vfyrI hY :-
              bVI mMjlW mwr-ApiVAW
              hzUr dy drbwr hW[
              Awpxw slwm guzwrdw hW,
              jY hovy srkwr dI[
hojo (mhwrwjw)-    kI Awp dw nwm pUrw ‘Swno gYn jW mon-no-jo qsUnoXo’ hY? kI Awp nUM Xwd hY ik ipCly sXwl ivc iek rwq jd brP pY rhI sI Awpny iek iB`KU PkIr nUM mhmwn riKAw sI, Awp pws bwlx leI l`kVW nhIN sn, Ar Awpny Awpxy mhmwn nUM grm krn leI Awpxy sb QIN kImqI pXwr pwly iqMn bwvny bUty- iek AwlU buKwKw, iek pdm qy iek dXwr- k`tky bwly sn? Awp nUM Xwd hY ik aus iB`KU nUM Awpny Awpxw AMdr dw joS vPwdwrI, ijhVw ies bu`FI aumr ivc vI suhly mwr irhw sI, pRgt kIqw sI, qy Awpny ikhw sI ik jd kdI hux vI Awp nUM mOxw hoXw Awp AwpxI srkwr leI jMg ivc jwn dyx nUM iqAwr bYTy ho, qy Awp hukm suxidAW hI Awpxy GoVy aupr plwkI mwr, AwpxI vrdI sjw DweI kr idaugy, kI Awp nUM sB g`lW Xwd hn[
hy ‘Swno’ mYN Eh inmwxw PkIr hW, ijsdI Kwqr Awp ny Awpxy auh pXwry bUty ShId kIqy sn, mYN Eh drd Awpdw Bu`l nhIN skdw[
pr AwpxI vPwdwrI nUM ksv`tI pr cwVHn leI mYN ieh sb srdwr s`dy qy AwpnUM vI bulwXw hY[ Awp ieny jldI Awey ho, ieh hor AwpdI kmwl dI vPwdwrI dw sbUq hY, Ar Awpdy ^wndwnI SrwPq qy reIsI dw icMn hY[
       (drbwrIAW b`l mUMh krky)
       dyKo swry ies smu`cy hIry dw drSn kro[
       hW BweI!! hY koeI srdwr Xw drbwrI Xw hwkm ijhVw ‘SwnoN’ nUM mujirm kh skdw hY Ar iksI zurm dy brKlwP srkwr dw ies pr ielzwm lgw skdw hY? jy koeI hY Eh Awhmo swhmxy ho ky gl KrI kr jwvy KulHI iezwjq hY, qy jy ies vyly koeI ielzwm lwx leI nhIN mUMh Kohldw qd EsnUM kdI vI muV nhIN Kohlxw cwhIey[`p............................
hW koeI nhIN boldw hy Swno! AsIN hux Awpxw At`l hukm idMdy hW :-
       ‘qyrI vPwdwrI krky AsIN qyyry pr AwpxI dsqI hukm nwl qYnUM ‘EmY-dw AwlU-buKwry dy Kyq vwlw mh`l SwhI ‘kwgw pRWq ivc, qy mh`l SwhI skurweI nwmI (pcm dw bwg) ‘eycU pRWq ivc, qy ‘kosqky pRWq’ ivc SwhI mh`l ijsdw nwm ‘dXwr dI thxI’ (mwqsUgwXo) hY, sdw leI qYnUM qyrIAW nslW leI bKSdy hW[ AsIN nwlo hI Eh irAwsqW qy jgIrW ‘Swno’ dI mwlkI dy ipMf jyhVy glqI nwl qyry pwsoN zbq kIqy gey sn, vwps dyNdy hW[
       swfI brkq qyry au~pr, Swno! hux qUM KuSI bKSI GrW nUM vwps jwh[
gIq kors ivc :-
              Swno nUM bwdSwhI dsKqI snd imldI hY
              qy iqMn vyrI isr au~pr ck ky snmwndw hY
              qy iPr cwr cuPyry
              au~cI kr d`sdw hY
              ik sb koeI q`ky[
              ijhVy huxy hI aus nwl mzwKW kr rhy sn
              qy hkwrq nwl vyK rhy sn,
              Eh hux Srmw rhy hn
              qy ies EhdI iezq APjweI
              dI eIrKw kr rhy hn[
              swry srdwr, jwgIrdwr,
              GoV cVHy ‘Swno’ dy Agy ipCy
              jmW huMdy hn
              Ag EhdI KuSiksmqI qy EnUM
              mubwrkW dy rhy hn,
              qy j`PIAW mwr muV
              Awpxy ivc Aw imly nUM
              ‘jI AwieAw nMU’ kh rhy hn[
              drbwr brKwsq hoXw,
              sb srdwr GrIN muVn nUM qXwr hoey,
              GoVy kwhly pY rhy hn[
Swno- pr ‘Swno’ Ak`lw[
gIq kors :-
              Swno Ak`lw muiVAw,
              pr A`KW KulHIAW,
              KuSI nwl cmkdIAW,
              kI prvwh hY jy koeI
              nOkr ispwhI Ardl ivc nhIN hY,
              Swno dw isr au~cw, mwx nwl r`jXw;
              GoV svwr Ak`lw jw irhw hY
              qy qly Swno dw GoVw vI smJ igAw hY ik mwlk KuSI ivc hY[
              BwvyN Bu`Kw, mwVw bdSkl jwnvr hY,
              pr Awpxw isr au~cw ck irhw hY
              qy kdm qz pt irhw hY[
              KuSI ny jwnvr nUM ijMdw kr id`qw hY[
              ieauN Swno muV GrIN igAw
              rwh ivc slwmW imldIAW hn,
              pr Eh kwhlw hY KuSI vMfx nUM,
              hW Gr phuMcw
              qy EQy A`gy auhdI Bgq iesqrI
              pXwry pqI dw rwh vyK rhI sI[